Music Behind Music

Production Year: 2022
Release: Cassette tape and digital album release by ΤΟΠΟΤ label
Medium: Music for 4-track cassette recorder, various portable, cassette players, Turntable, Cut-up records, various circular surfaces on the turntable (paper plates, CDs, cardboard cut-outs etc.), CD-player, Contact mics, Electromagnetic coils, cassette loops, found tapes Mangled cassette tapes
Documentation: bandcamp

“Music Behind Music” is based on the theoretical framework of media archaeology, extending and applying the ideas of the field on experimental music. The main music material is derived through the transmutation, extension, redefinition and cracking of obsolete recording media. “Music Behind Music” is a reflection on the unique properties of the media and the definition of information/noise; an invitation to listen to the music behind the music, a tribute to surface noise. Music Behind Music is comprised by 3 distinct works: Rummaging the Medium (15’39’’), 1973 (07’31’’), Variations on the Bells of Alexander Nevsky (10’35’’).