Production Year: 2017
Release: Self-released digital album
Medium: Fixed-media and installation sound & music for stereo, 8 & 24 channels
Documentation: Link

A collection of acousmatic music pieces created in the span of 2 years.

Piano Reduction (15'36''):The sound materials of the piece are derived from a found instrument, a detached piano harp. The title as a classical music term,refers to a piano score reduced from an original orchestral score for analysis, performance, or practice purposes. In the compositional context the title indicates the reduction of multiple aspects of the piano: Physically, there's a transformation of the materiality of the object, which occurs through the decay of its original form, leading to a new kind of object with redefined musical properties, a new instrument in its own right. Perceptually, in the chasm that is created through electroacoustic means between the actual physical object and it's sound both in space and time, a body stripped from its sound, sounds stripped from their body. The realization of the piece wouldn't be possible without the help of my friend and colleague Georgios Stavridis, who played in all of the recordings.

Unstable Systems (10'42''): For 8 Loudspeakers (Stereo Reduction). The piece explores the transition of musical enviroments between stable and unstable states. With the introduction of enough musical elements a stable state is established which sets the range where the musical parameters usually fluctuate. When enough parameters exceed this certain threshold, the system becomes unstable, reaching a high entropy point. The musical elements aren't working in conjuction with one another rather they are "competing" for musical and acoustic space until the collapse of the system. The debris then form a new “stable” music enviroment and the cycle continues.

Microheat (9'00''): A stereo Piece made for the Amazing Noises contest in the midst of a summer heatwave in Athens.

Playgroup (06'56''): It is common knowledge that the remembrance of things past is subject to strong discontinuities and distortions. We cannot recall time as a linearly measured flow."(Curtis Roads, 2001) Playgroup is an exploration of temporal, timbral and spatial contrasts. An impression of a soundscape, part synthesized, part natural is juxtaposed with gestural sequences of sound objects made out of toys creating a narrative of a playgroup experience long gone.