Trigger Happy x Niki Krasaki - Buzzer

Production Year: 2021
Release: Commissioned by the Onassis Foundation for the Composer Niki Krasaki and the experimental music ensemble Trigger Happy.
Medium: Video music performance for Various kid’s toys, portable cassette players, kid’s musical instruments, circuit-bent portable Casio keyboards.
Documentation: video

Buzzer was commissioned by Onassis Stegi from the young composer Niki Krasaki. A rich palette of sounds drawn from toys, and from children’s musical instruments and objects, acted as the source of her inspiration, unleashing her imagination for the creation of a unique form of music notation that allows for improvisation. The piece is performed by Trigger Happy, an edgy four-piece improvisational contemporary music collective who play (with) phrases from well-known children’s melodies and fables, and with the rules of team games.

Performed by Trigger Happy: Yorgos Stenos Fratzios - Yorgos Stavridis - Georgios Mizithras (MIZI) - Manthos Karas