About MIZI

Georgios Mizithras aka "MIZI" is a musician, sound artist and creative programmer. He is active both as a composer and a performer in a range of fields, including acousmatic music, improvisation, sound art, music for theatrical plays, audiovisual installations and radio art. His current research revolves around the idea of “media rummaging”, the constant intuitive exploration of different playback, recording and transmission media, creating works based on the unique properties of different sound media. He's part of the KEDiMouRa Collective and the experimental music ensemble Trigger Happy. He's a curator and producer of the radio art internet platform loskop.radio. His radio works have been featured on the temporary art radio station "Radiophrenia". Notably, he has performed at “Irtijal '19” Festival (Beirut, 2019), “Borderline Festival” (Athens, 2019), “Rhubaba” Gallery (Edinburgh, 2018), “Klingt Gut” Festival (Hamburg, 2017).

He has studied at De Montfort University's Music Technology and Innovation department (Leicester), is a graduate of composition at the Music Studies department of the Ionian University and holds a Master's degree in Musicology: Music Technology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He’s currently a PhD student at the Music Studies department of the Ionian University.