Production Year: 2020
Release: Performed as live-streaming on the Facebook platform
Medium: Live-streaming performance for OBS streaming software, video-delay, webcam, household objects
Documentation: video

LOW BIT RATE STREAMING is a web-based audiovisual performance that took place on the facebook platform 31 march of 2020 during the COVID-19 Greek state lockdown.", "The performance is based on an internal feedback loop of the stream and the principle of digital generation loss, hailing Alvin Lucier's "I'm Sitting in a Room".

Each feedback loop repetition is subject to the stream's compression algorithm, each passing incrementally crushes the original material. Given enough passes the audio and video signal's symbolical and physical properties are transmutated into an array of compressed digital noise, losing bit by bit it's former state.

LOW BIT RATE STREAMING is a communal act. Stream viewers were welcomed to send their own audio & video clips which were promptly played in real-time creating an environment for both collective and self-reflection. How accessible are our data? How do we perceive and handle content creation? How transparent is the medium?